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Research Interests

Recent advances in information and micro-scale technologies are enabling a new generation of cyber-physical systems with large numbers of sensors, actuators, and integrated computation that can sense the world around them and respond to it. Sense making, coordination and control, and health management are vital tasks of future software and hardware systems that will be characterized by modularity, dynamic reconfiguration, collaboration among a large number of entities, and the blurring of boundaries between the physical and computational worlds. Transportation information systems will make travel faster and safer. Smart robots will explore uncharted and hostile terrain. Large sensor nets will perform detailed environmental and pollution monitoring. Appliances will be able to self-diagnose and repair, predict aging components, and proactively alert for replacement parts. These are embedded systems that involve multiple modes of operation in uncertain environments, heterogeneous software and hardware components, and distribution across multiple agents communicating over extended networks. Currently, the development of such complex systems relies mainly on software implemented in diverse computer architectures using informal system integration techniques. For these systems, it is very difficult to predict their real-time behavior and to guarantee satisfactory performance,dependability, and security. Furthermore, current methods result in high costs for design, deployment, and maintenance. In light of these challenges, my research goals aim at the advancement of enabling technologies, from a systems-oriented perspective, that will facilitate the development of cyber-physical systems. Additional information can be found in related publications.

Overview of the Institute for Software Integrated Systems
This video describes the work done by researchers at the Institute for Software Integrated Systems (ISIS) at Vanderbilt University's School of Engineering.

Foundations of Resilient CybEr-Physical Systems (FORCES)
This video describes the work done in the FORCES NSF CPS Frontier project.

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