George E. Cook

1. Name and date of birth:	April 4, 1938

2. Academic rank:		Professor

3. Degrees with fields, institutions and dates:
	Degree	Field		Institution		Degree Date
	Ph.D	Elect. Engr.	Vanderbilt University	1965
	M.S.	Elect. Engr.	University of Tennessee	1961
	B.E.	Elect. Engr.	Vanderbilt University	1960

4. Number of years service on this faculty: 33 years

5. Other related experience:
	Position		Employer		   Employment Dates
	Engineer		Western Electric Co.	   1960

	Vice President 		Merrick Engineering Inc.   1964-69
	and Director of R&D				

	Technical Director	Industrial Electronics 	   1969-72

	Vice President and	Advanced Control 	   1972-74
	Director of R&D		Engineering	

	Vice President and	The Merrick Corporation	   1974-81
	Director of R&D

	Manager of R&D		CRC Welding Systems, Inc.   1981-83

6. Consulting: Advanced Robotics, CYBO Robots, Fanuc Robotics, Babcock & Wilcox, 
   Unimation, TekTran, Westinghouse, General Motors, General Electric

7. States in which registered:	Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, Wisconsin

8  Principal Publications in the last five years:
   Andersen, K., Cook, G. E., Karsai, G., and Ramaswamy, K., 
   "Artificial Neural Networks Applied to Arc Welding Process Modeling and Control," IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol 26, No. 5, pp 824-830, Sept./Oct. 1990.
   Cook, G. E., Andersen, K., Barnett, R. J., and Springfield, J. F., Invited Paper, 
   "Intelligent Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Control," Proc. of Conf. on Automated Welding Systems in Manufacturing, Gateshead, England, The Welding Institute, 10 pgs, Nov. 17-19, 1991.
   Karsai, G., Andersen, K., Cook, G. E., and Barnett, R. J., 
   "Neural Network Methods for the Modeling and Control of Welding Processes," Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, Vol. 3, pp 229-235, 1992.
   Liu, Y., Cook, G. E., Barnett, R. J., and Springfield, J. F., 
   "PC-Based Arc Ignition and Arc Length Control System for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding," IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. 28, No. 5, pp 1160-1165, Sept./Oct. 1992.
   Bjorgvinsson, J. B., Cook, G. E., and Andersen, K., 
   "Microprocessor-Based Arc Voltage Control for Gas Tungsten Arc Welding Using Gain Scheduling," IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, Vol. 29, No. 2, pp 250-255, March/April 1993.
   Parlaktuna, O., Cook, G. E., Strauss, A. M., and Fernandez, K. R., 
   "Jacobian control for space manipulator," Robotics and Autonomous Systems, Vol. 11, pp 35-44, 1993.
   Cook, G. E., Andersen, K., and Barnett, R. J., 
   "Welding and Bonding," The Electrical Engineering Handbook, Ed.: Richard C. Dorf, CRC Press, Inc., pp 2223-2237, 1993.
   Parlaktuna, O., Cook, G. E., Strauss, A. M., and Fernandez, K. R., 
   "Fine Attitude Control of Space Vehicles Using Space Manipulators," International Journal of Robotics & Automation, Vol. 9, No. 1, pp 29-35, 1994.

9. Scientific and professional societies: IEEE (Fellow), AIAA, AWS, SME, ASME, ASM, ASEE, 

10. Honors and awards: Fellow, IEEE, AWS 1987 Comfort A. Adams Lecture Award,
    AWS 1993 Adams Memorial Award, James F. Lincoln Arc Welding Foundation 1981 Gold 
    Award, NASA Space Act Award, NASA Certificates of Recognition (6)
11. Courses taught in 1994-95 academic year:
							   Lab		Lect.  No.of	Day or
	Semester	Title				   hrs.	 	hrs.   Sections	Evening
	Fall 94		EE291: Special Topics - Robotics   0		3	1	Day
			EE331: Robot Manipulators	   0		3	1	Day
	(Note: EE331 is co-listed with ME331, and EE291 Special Topics - Robotics has the 
	counterpart in ME, ME210A Special Topics - Robotics.)

12. Other assigned duties performed during the academic year and approximate hours/week:
    Director, Industrial Liaison and Technology Development Office				20 hours per week 

13. Improved teaching and professional competence during last five years:
    During the last 5 years, I and students have worked on the development of a powerful robot simulation system called ROBOSIM.  Using this software package, students are able to design their own robots, positioners, and workspace environments, incorporate inverse kinematics, and test their designs in high-speed graphical animation.