Bobby Bodenheimer Research: Transmission of 3D Geometry over Lossy Channels

Transmission of 3D Geometry over Lossy Channels

Algorithms to reliably transmit meshes over a lossy network

Project Description

The continual improvement in computer performance together with the prevalence of high-speed network connections with high throughput and moderate latencies enables the deployment of multimedia applications, such as collaborative virtual environments, over wide area networks. Many of these systems use 3D graphics for display and may be required to distribute geometric models on demand between participants. This work modified progressive mesh models to allow reconstruction in the event of packet loss. We used these modifications in two transmission schemes, a hybrid transmission that uses TCP and UDP to send packets and a forward error-correcting transmission scheme that uses redundancy to decode the information sent. We formally assessed the performance of these transmission schemes when deployed on network testbeds that simulate wide-area and wireless characteristics.


Students and Collaborators

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